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by A Walker


Deep within me lies the ocean
Filled with tears to overflow
Tears each one another meaning
Deeply flowing from the soul.

Night clouds across the sky are streaming
Leaving in their wake the day
First bird’s melodies are strumming
Depth of purpose on display.

Deep within awakes a dawning
In the newness of the day
Fathomless and untold yearning
Intensify ��" desires bouquet.

Two souls as one are intertwined
In your image I will find
The reason why this deep despair
As flaws within me you repair.

More and more I come to see
The reason for this insanity
That these moments of despair
Are heavenly oases of repair.

So as I wander quiet, serene
The knowledge of just what has been
Is etched in newness in my mind
As solace and peace with you I find.

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