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Across Forever

by Clinton Herring

The one who stands across forever
bids all those come to Him, whomever.
Souls and hearts that hurt wherever.
His power and strength a mighty endeavor,
crushing Satan, death, yes sin forever.

Life and love His brilliant plan,
from time of old His work began
as light and life came, then came man,
the image of God on Him did scan
He blessed this life by a mighty hand.

But man deceived, he fell from grace,
and then began that dreadful race
to conquer sin, all now in disgrace,
and death for them did ever chase.
His Love overcame with infinite grace!

A costly plan in righteousness,
the Son in babe, such holiness.
On a cross He died in loneliness.
A life so pure, He’s timeless, yes!
Death could not hold in lifelessness.

He rose from death and conquered all,
and crossed the chasm of that great fall.
With death in hand His great forestall.
Now back to him is His loving call!
We’re all astonished in wonder and awe!

For love and life through Him are ours,
In heavenly mansions, and majestic towers!
From Him who rules and owns all powers,
The creator of all the sun lit flowers,
New life to us His love empowers!

His life He gave to end our strife.
His treasures now on us run rife,
Brilliant and pure, a new afterlife!
Jesus, the way the truth and the life!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.