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Redemption or Rejection?

by Brenda Sydnor

I see him in the clouds
as he splits the eastern skies.
Riding on his white horse
with fire blazing from his eyes.

I hear his shout of triumph
as he comes to collect his bride.
He gathers them together
and they bow down by his side.

But others cry and cower,
because for them it is too late.
They have denied and rejected him,
their hearts are filled with hate.

They lost their chance of glory
with the choices that they made.
If they had only realized,
it was for their sins that his blood paid.

As Christ draws his bride unto him,
Praise and rejoicing fill the air.
But down on earth chaos reigns,
as the world's sins have been laid bare.

Where will you spend eternity?
It depends on what you choose.
Redemption or Rejection?
It is really up to you.

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