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Cast Out

by Albert Vanderhoeven

Logos painted in a delicate stroke
Unveils the truth to a desolate heart
The pinned butterfly was meant to provoke
Insatiable wolves to tear us apart

Cellular memory, bright sun gardens
Times passing unknown, division uncrowned
By a deception the blue sky darkens
Shadow the path and missed fortune is found

The existential road, the armored life
Dust for our thirst and gravel to chew
Constant confusion, perpetual strife
Is the inheritance to which we hew

A tap on your shoulder, and hope does come
A soft whisper this is not where you’re from

2 Corinthians 3:6

“Who also hath made us able
ministers of the new testament;
not of the letter,
but of the spirit:
for the letter killeth,
but the spirit giveth life."

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