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To whom it may concern

by Ethan Smith

That gas station we would always go to, will always remind me of you. And my room you would always come to, will never let me forget you. But most of all, the spot behind Graham will always be there for us two. I think back now, on it all, oh how the world i hope could be so small. I couldn't go a day without smoking with you, but now our time is way past due.

Though I never said much when we were alone I valued the time we had on our own. My first memories of us were smoking on top of bogard and my last were of us smoking cigars behind graham. I knew you would leave, I knew you would go but I just want you to know, im happy our paths crossed on my broken gravel road.

Our time together wasn't long but in the time we had together I never wanted you to go. You saw me at my worst, but i only hope you could see me at my best. You cared for me and never let me drown. Don't take this the wrong way bud, I love you, but not in the way that you think. You had a piece of my heart when you set my head straight and I want you to keep it for old times sake. Those words you spoke about that dark night were so warm and kind and never leave my mind, I only wish we had more time.

Our ending was cut shorter than I thought, when you answered that call at 8 and said goodbye. I was waiting for my phone to charge so I could ask you to be there with me for one last smoke. I had a hug goodbye, but for me it will never be the time. Im waiting for the day you come back to me, so we can finish the pack of menthols you gave me.

While I did like you, I didnt want you to know. I made a fool of myself though and now you all know. I tried my hardest to keep it inside so I wouldnt ruin what we had. You are my friend and my bud and for that you have my platonic love. A piece of me left with you, and I think of it like glue. Our paths crossed once and myabe they'll cross twice but for now we can only hope for two.

Time is short but love is shorter. I will always remember you as the smoker with a heart that smolders. Some people last a lifetime and some people last a quarter. I hope your time will be greater so we can meet once more.

I don't think of this as goodbye because my mind is set on tonight. I saw you today and I hope I'll see you tomorrow. Snap me back so we don't grow farther. I hope that when you see a black and mild, your mind will wander, to all the fun we had together, and when you see that gas station you'll buy me a smoke, for the new memories we'll share coming closer.

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