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Adam and Eve

by Kevn Smead © 2018

God created with a word
His awesome power undeterred
In His likeness made a man
According to His sovereign plan
Because the man was all alone
He made a wife from his rib bone
The man (named adam) called her eve
To his wife he now would cleave
In the garden where they stayed
Were many trees that God had made
Thus God provided many treats
But from just one they could not eat
For if they did - the tree of life
Would be kept from this man and wife
The subtle serpent tempted Eve
By his words she was deceived
She gave to Adam and he ate
Such a sin was surely great
Sin always comes at great cost
And now their innocence was lost
Knowing the evil that they did
They heard the voice Of God and hid
Naked now they knew they were
This created quite a stir
With leaves they tried to hide their shame
On each the other placed the blame
But as you know they both had failed
And all Gods laws must be upheld
So each were made to hear their curse
Which in brief we here rehearse
The serpent now would crawl in dirt
The woman in childbirth would hurt
The man was doomed to work and toil
And by his sweat to work the soil
Mercy still was here displayed
The Lord a gracious promise made
From childbirth would come a man
To carry out a mercy plan
To the couple it was said
This man would bruise the serpents head
Wounded in battle He would be
But he would win the victory
But for this time they were disgraced
From the garden now displaced
Cut off from the tree of life
Doomed to die both man and wife
Before they left this special place
God gave a picture of His grace
He clothed them both in animal skin
To illustrate a covering for sin
They left there with the promise made
And though their earthly life would fade
Believing, they would both be saved
Although they both had misbehaved
We, like them, have been disgraced
God’s precious law we have defaced
The man that they were told would win
Has come and fully conquered sin
His name was Jesus, Gods dear Son
He never did the things we've done
Though free from sin - died on the cross
Wounded in battle ��" He suffered loss
He rose again and defeated the grave
Living and reigning he's mighty to save
As Adam and Eve were clothed in that skin
All who believe are saved from their sin

 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.
And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.
Luke 23:34

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