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The Lazy Jazz

by Kingsley Ayistar

The sleep of a labouring man is sweet,
But a lazy man's slumber is his greatest feat.

It irks a lazy man when early birds chirp,
For he loves not to discontinue his sleep:

Instead of getting up to fetch the hoe,
He'd bury his face in the pillow!

The lazy one muses about fortune and cars,
Yet thinks it enervating to fill up his jars;

While he tours the realm in style and speed,
His land is overgrown with serious weeds!

When his belly murmurs thunder and his face is drawn,
He will seek the yeoman and beg for corn!

Poverty is justice for the lazy man,
And failure for him with no plan.

In all labour there is profit,
But idleness boosts deficit.

A shiftless person is the devil's animal;
You'll find him picking pockets at the bus terminal!

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