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A Change of Heart

by Deborah Smith Plemmons © 2018

Such pain and loss,
We all can feel.
So much suffering,
It seems unreal.

Stabbings, shootings,
Bombings and more;
We are shaken
To the very core.

It is not bombs,
Nor guns and knives,
But it is people,
Taking others' lives.

There's hate in this world;
People sometimes kill.
Their desire is to
Do their own will.

"More gun control",
Is today's cry.
No matter the laws,
People still will die.

What this world needs
Is a change of heart;
When God's love prevails,
Evil will depart.

Hear the message
Of a good Preacher:
Repent; trust Christ,
Our greatest Teacher.

God in Heaven,
We humbly pray.
Touch people's lives;
Change hearts today.

This poem was a finalist in the February 2018 poetry contest

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