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He's Coming!

by Gerald Lansbery © 2018

God opened the heavens and rolled back the blue
Then John saw one riding who's Faithful and True
He's not on a donkey but on a white horse
His sword drawn for battle to finish His course
His eyes were as fire on His head many crowns
His garment is red from blood when dipped down
To smite all the nations and rule with a rod
comes Jesus our Savior the dear Word of God
The armys in Heaven that John also seen
were riding behind Him thier garments all clean
The nations of earth gave out with a cry
Fire the rockets he must not draw nigh
Now the sky is ablaze with fire and smoke
but they could not defeat the Word which God spoke
He calls to the fowls now come and dine
eat of the flesh for now it is thine
the beast and that prophet were both cast alive
in the lake of fire by He who did ride
But it's not the end for the devil you see
After one thousand years he will be set free
to deceive all the nations a short time again
Until he will meet his infinite end!

So take good courage from these words my friend
For all your troubles will come to an end!

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