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The Castaway

by Marion Caragounis

The Castaway

..and a woman was there Lu.8.43

She came to Him, a woman cast away,
Unclean, unloved - reached out to Him that day;
For everything she touched became defiled,
Each object, person, every friend and child.
Abandoned now, no dignity or wealth,
Her faith stretched out a trembling hand for health.
She only touched His clothes, she dared not face
This holy man of God in her disgrace,
But hidden in the crowd no-one would know
As healing came and stemmed the tainting flow.

Then suddenly He spoke and turned about,
‘Who touched my clothes?’ he asked. She was found out.
She had to face Him, trembling and afraid,
And tell Him of the change that touch had made;
Pour out the hurt and anguish of the years,
Confess resentment, anger, cry her tears.
'Daughter,' he said 'your faith has made you whole'
And blessed her with a peace that filled her soul.
The Lord reached out in love to her that day
And she felt precious - no more cast away.

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