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I Swung the Hammer

by Larry Grogan

I watched Judas lead the guards,
then kiss Jesus on the cheek.
I say to myself, Oh, what deceit!

I followed Peter to the courtyard.
He is warming his hands by the fire.
He denied Jesus! Oh, what a liar!

I hear the howling mob:
“Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”
As Pilate says, “Don't blame me!”
Oh, what a coward he must be!

I watched the Centurion swing the hammer,
and hear Jesus' agonizing cries.
Then I am shocked in horror,
as I see myself in Jesus' eyes.

I swung the hammer.
My sin put Him on the tree.
I am no better than the others!
I weep on weakened knees.
Then a nail pierced hand touched my shoulder,
I hear, “It was for you I came to die.”
As He lovingly put His arms around me,
to draw me to His side!

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