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by Carrie Hoffman

Lord, I look to you to restore my soul
You fill me up and make me whole

I look only to you and no other
As you are my father and your son is my savior

I want to do your will and walk in your ways
I want to feel the drops of your amazing grace

Forgiving, loving, miraculous, and breath-taking
Always on my side and never forsaking

Walking next to me every step of the way
Your arms around me and never going away

I feel your overwhelming love inside
You are everything I need; You always provide

Broken, I came to you and raised up my hands
Feeling worthless and lost with no where to stand

At times I may fall from your path and stray
But I just look up at your face and you show me the way

Blessed, I am for everything, even for experiencing strife
You sacraficed your only son so that I could sin and now Choose LIFE!

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