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Three Brothers

by Kathleen Higham

God created these brothers
They were really something to see
Trusting each other and faithful
Such special men were these three

As they grew and married
In their hearts they remained true
Even going their separate ways
When together this they knew

But one brother held a steady course
As he walked a rocky road
He met the Lord and changed his life
Then forever Christ's story he told

And it became his Godly mission
To embrace the other two
And he surely was successful
For God told him what to do

One brother died a young man
But Jesus had become his friend
And he prayed for Jesus to take him
So Jesus took him in the end

Now there was just one brother left
And the task took many years
But he surrendered to Jesus too
Through a trial filled with tears

These brothers were truly special
For God made them tender and sweet
And in them was a kindness
That they shared when they would meet

Now two brothers live in Heaven
And their joy is so complete
And when the third one follows
He'll join them at Jesus'feet

This poem was a finalist in the September 2006 poetry contest

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