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A Little Glimpse of Heaven

by Danette Kettwich

God has given me...
A little glimpse of heaven
Here upon this earth
In a sun filled morning
In a newborn baby's birth.

In the droopy dandelions
In a wet slobbery kiss
Just the simple things
I'm glad I didn't miss.

In the good times and
In the not so good
Times a heart healed when
I didn't think it could.

The many 'I love yous'
Whispered from tired ones
Countless bedtime stories
Read to daughters and sons.

Having a hand to hold
Even after they have gone
A little glimpse of heaven
To keep me hanging on.

To live this life over again
I wouldn't change a thing
For the wisdom I have gained
Is the blessing that it brings.

The glimpse that God gives
The hope in each new day
A little glimpse of heaven
To share along the way.

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