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I am Yours

by Danette Kettwich

I find myself again in this place
Far removed from your Grace
All I want is to hide my face,

You remind me time and again
You want to be my faithful friend
For your love it has no end

I am yours when I've walked away
Every time my heart will stray
Eternal love will not betray

You continue to call my name
Come ignite this smoldering flame
Have my heart and come reclaim

What is Yours, Lord remind me
For your blood has set me free
Open my eyes once again to see

When I hurt you I hide my face
I feel I don't deserve your Grace
But you offer me a hiding place

As I pass through flames of Fire
You should be my one desire
You pull me from the midst of mire

You hold my head above the water
And still call me your son or daughter
You keep my spirit from the slaughter

I am yours You've called my name
On my soul you have staked a claim
My life will never be the same

You hold my heart in Your hand
Give me now the strength to stand
Those demons flee at Your command

Providing love beneath your wing
You are my Savior God and King
Even when I fail to rise and sing
Again I bring to you this offering
Because I am Yours

This poem was a finalist in the January 2014 poetry contest

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