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Top Picks Poems

We sorted through the poems and listed here what we felt were the better ones.
SEIZE THE DAY finalist in poetry contest
Do not tarry...Grab onto The Lord while his Grace abounds

Child by Faith
The love of God that brings us into His family and makes us His children

Poet's Word finalist in poetry contest
Carefully chosen rhyming words and chosen text provoke thought, especially when about the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

A Winning Poem finalist in poetry contest
Read this to see if you have a winning poem...

It Is Our Mess
A simple poem on the need for confession and repentance. Confession of sin is the only way for erring Christians to be restored to a close walk with God.

If You Should Come Today
Inspirational Poem

The Lost Cause second in poetry contest
The story of the woman at the well

Psalm 107 finalist in poetry contest
I finished writing my poem, Psalm 106, nearly 4 months ago. And in that span of time, I didn't write a thing . . . until around Easter. I really liked the repetition I found in Psalm 107: the falling away of God's people and returning again once more.

Dialogues first in poetry contest
This is a quick overview of some of the dialogues between Jesus and other characters in the Easter story.

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