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We sorted through the poems and listed here what we felt were the better ones.
Passed Quietly, the Waters Byplaced in poetry contest
Most people just don't get it. A few do.
Death waits for each human being, but life is there for those who know Jesus. inescapable…facing the truth of our situation
The Fire of the Lord
Bread of Life
Jesus as the Bread of Life
The Rightful King
Imagine going back with the knowledge you have now and being able to witness Jesus's death and resurrection.
All Things Christ Suffered
Christ suffered with such royal dignity and compassion, He remained on the cross, forgiving--not only His killers, but every soul who will kneel in surrender to Him. His heroic actions still come from God's own Heart leading us thru life to glory.
Jesus Came To Deliver Us
Jesus Christ was born into this world to redeem souls, through His death on the cross. His willingness to deliver us into an abundant life of love, gives all of mankind hope and peace.
Forgiveness Undeservedplaced in poetry contest
Forgiveness & hope.
Thy Johnplaced in poetry contest
Resting in the Lord

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