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Top Picks

We sorted through the poems and listed here what we felt were the better ones.
St. Gilesplaced in poetry contest
A poem about an English country church.
The Great Grace Rescue!
I wrote this poem in one of those moments where you just pause and take in the truly astounding and unexplainable love of Christ! At such great cost, He first loved me!
Come to Jesusplaced in poetry contest
Jesus said that anyone who comes to Him will not be cast out. This is a promise upon which we can rest. Regardless of who you are, there is hope in Christ.
Christ is no Partial Saviorplaced in poetry contest
The Bible reveals the shocking truth that sinners can be saved by grace alone, without the works of the law. Any attempt on our part to work for God's favor reveals a condition of unbelief.
One Perfect Lifeplaced in poetry contest
This reminds us that there are many ways that people seek to be righteous in God's sight, but any way other than the cross of Christ leaves people lost in their sin. Only Jesus can save us from our sins and give us the gift of eternal life.
My Friend
This is Christ talking to us about how he is there for us no matter what; he will never leave us and his hands will always be stretching towards us. We have to be the ones to see him and we have to ask for his help. He wants us to want him.
A Change of Heartplaced in poetry contest
Exodus 20 - Obey God's Commandments; Matthew 22:37-40 - Love God and one another; II Chronicles 7:14 - God, heal our Land.
Cloudyplaced in poetry contest
This is a poem for those days that just seem cloudy, by the weather or life itself.
My Child
A poem about how parents feel taken for granted, yet by their love they echo Christs grace.