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We sorted through the poems and listed here what we felt were the better ones.
Li'l Puff
"Oh, why am I a little cloud but you are big and thunder loud? "Your flashing lightning 'crosses sky but I can't do it when I try... And also, when you rain, you pour! I try and try but can't rain more..."
His Holy Garden
A plead to Jesus that my soil is soft and ready for His seed of salvation so that it may root within me and provide good fruits for His glory.
Thy Redeemer
God even saved me, who was set against Him and His mirth. I love Him because He loves me first.
Buried Treasureplaced in poetry contest
I found a buried treasure map inside a dusty book. It showed the paths of journeys old. I took a closer look...
Problems Bigger Than Mine?placed in poetry contest
A flood of deep emotions came as I washed out to sea. And drifted off, was everything that I'll no longer see.
Who Is This Man?
A brief description of the attributes of Jesus Christ.
My Father's Adviceplaced in poetry contest
Matthew 24:4 Take heed that no man deceive you.....
The Music Boxplaced in poetry contest
Beholding it for quite awhile, I cherished its antique-ish style. Can this old box, this afternoon, play once again, its pretty tune?
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