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We sorted through the poems and listed here what we felt were the better ones.
Life on the Loom
We often feel down because we judge our life by what we see at the moment. Which is usually the backside of the Canvas of Time.
by Rhoda
The Shepherd, the Sheep, and the Wolves
I wrote this this Morning, February 17,2017. I was beginning to think I couldn't write anymore poems. This is my first poem of the year. I wrote it for God and Country page because of the moral decay in our country today.
My Valentineplaced in poetry contest
I wrote this poem for my wife of 33+ years.
A Lonely Poem
A lonely poem that needs to be read.....
My Godplaced in poetry contest
This poem is about what God is to me and how his power is demonstrated in my life.
Ball Of Fuzzplaced in poetry contest
My eyes in blur, saw something stir. I raced outside to see. It was a sight. I held it tight and said, "You're safe with me."
On Our Knees
God is worthy of our praise, and honoring Him on the throne of grace. May we forever be grateful of His sacrifice!
surenessplaced in poetry contest
our fullness of faith in God and the evidence around us of Him...
New Year, New Hopeplaced in poetry contest
A new year is here! Many of us stop and reflect on our lives and decide this is a good time to make some changes, some resolutions. We need to remember that Jesus is the one who started a work in us and He's the one who will complete it. Philippians 1:6