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Top Picks

We sorted through the poems and listed here what we felt were the better ones.
Zacchaeus. Luke Ch. 19placed in poetry contest
A fanciful glimpse as Zacchaeus grows up, and comes face to face with Jesus.
King David's Soliloquyplaced in poetry contest
The King, his pen poised over what would become Psalm 23, reflects on his shepherd days.
The Stone-mason's Yard. Jeremiah Ch. 2 v. 13placed in poetry contest
While reflecting on this passage, into my imagination wandered a scene of Jeremiah in a stone-mason's yard.
The Poet's Taskplaced in poetry contest
True poetry seems to me to be related to the prophetic (truth) and has it's origins in etermnity. It is wonderful to find what the Holy Spirit gives us.
Moonlight On The Stairs
A poem of faith.
Topsy-Turvyplaced in poetry contest
We're living in confusing times.
Of Stories
A poem about the nature of Christ, incarnation, death, resurrection and implication.
What Christmas Is
We should never be afraid to say "Merry Christmas".
Clouds of Graceplaced in poetry contest
We live in a world of sin, greed, envy, hate, anger and unfairness. How we cope with it is up to us.

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