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We sorted through the poems and listed here what we felt were the better ones.
The Truth That Savesplaced in poetry contest
A poem about God's plan to save all people through Christ, and how he works through Christians to preach the gospel to the world.
Triumph Over Trouble
Troubles come through our life time and they can be expected. Knowing The One to call on gives the peace needed to overcome these and cause our relationship with God to grow.
To The Powers That Be
A poem directed at satan's instruments on Earth.
My Tears Numbered More
No matter how heavy our tears today flow,our God's love is greater than we'll ever know.
Believe in Me
A poem about what Jesus says to you whenever you feel troubled
Blessing of God's Graceplaced in poetry contest
This poem is about what God's grace has in store for us. Though our physical bodies are perishing, we shall be made perfect in body and soul.
In Language Seldom Heardplaced in poetry contest
Please respect God's creation.
The Passing Of Timeplaced in poetry contest
A reflection on how we perceive the passing of time.
by Royston
A Giant’s Dareplaced in poetry contest
My poetic version of one of my favorite Bible stories.