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We sorted through the poems and listed here what we felt were the better ones.
Placing My Trust in God Today
As I wrote this poem, I realized that placing my trust in God is not a one time thing. He offers that promise every moment, and in every situation.
by Annie B
Despair Not
Even when our worlds get out of hand and anxiety wears out our hearts, Jesus gives us the command, "Do not worry.'I have found that I cannot do that without the Holy Spirit's intervention, even though His phrase seems so easy, at face value.
by Annie B
The Voice of God
I am learning that I do not need a special place to hear God's voice. He is in our desert, our wilderness, our everyday life - every moment, every breath.
by Annie B
The Slaughtered Lamb
The poem is long; however, what He has done for us (if listed) is much longer.
by Annie B
All Depends
The Bible clearly states that salvation and faith are by God's Grace alone even if we try to make it otherwise.
by Annie B
By Grace I am Saved
Hi. My name is Lisa (aka "Annie"). The reason that I chose this poem in particular is that God's Grace Alone is my anthem and my salvation.
by Annie B
Paul's Pearl
Depicting that what we may deem as a liability in life, may be an asset.
God is Loveplaced in poetry contest
No matter one's past, you can be saved because God is Love.
Christmas Day
A short poem on the meaning of Christmas.