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Top Picks

We sorted through the poems and listed here what we felt were the better ones.
A Prayer of Repentance and Dedicationplaced in poetry contest
Martin Luther once said something to the effect that the marvel is not when we go astray, it is when we are given the grace to return. It is a great day when we return to the home of our hearts.
He is There
This is a poem about the faithfulness of God and how we can depend upon Him. As we seek His face and learn to trust in Him more, our joy will overflow.
My Cheap and Paltry Skies
Priorities for us and our empathy for the One who is most deserving.
The Tree of Life
The Lord Jesus Christ's relationship with the believer.
Dead Endplaced in poetry contest
Setting our affections on things above, on things to come, on things beyond what we see in the faded mirror of life.
Perspective For Peace
A small poem about a big God!
If I Was Jesusplaced in poetry contest
If it came right down to it, could I really have behaved as well as Jesus?
Silent, Vibrant and Beautiful
A real, based story about a creation encounter giving praise to God for what he's given us.
Rainbowplaced in poetry contest
The rainbow’s colors came to play and chase the evening rain.