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The Incredible Asteroid Adventure
Christian book: The Incredible Asteroid Adventure
A Mouse in the House
Christian book: A Mouse in the House
There's Magic in the Garden
Christian book: There's Magic in the Garden
Inspirational Lucy
Christian book: Inspirational Lucy
That Rascally Cat
Christian book: That Rascally Cat
Elijah and the One True God
Christian book: Elijah and the One True God
David and Goliath
Christian book: David and Goliath
Comic strips and comic book style stories. These comics will entertain and encourage both kids and adults alike!

Illustrated Storybooks
Highly illustrated short Christian stories. Most books are no longer than 16 pages with 2-3 sentences per page. All of these Christian books teach Bible truths and usually include a Bible verse. Your pre-school and elementary Sunday school class will love these books.

Instructional Books
These instructional Christian books are very extensive and could be used in a class setting. All these book are highly illustrated and sure to keep your student's attention.

Short Stories
Targeted for pre-teen and teen readers, these books have twists and turns that make the reader think. The books do not have Christian themes but reinforce Christian values. These books are great opene . . . [ read more ]