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Salvation Poems

At The Foot of The Cross
Every daily I try to be humble so that I may remain at the foot of the Cross.
Simply Trusting
Finding and trusting Jesus for salvation, is not some complicated procedure
He's The Reason
This is another poem inspired after hearing a message from Mount Zion Baptist pastor in Brogue, PA.
I Want To Share
Then through sins darkness, I had heard a key that seemed to cry. The lock had turned in agony but I had not known why...
Noah and the Ark
Jesus is our ark of safety
A Willing Sacrifice
This poem tells the story of a man who gave his life to save his friends from a fatal train wreck.
These Two Short Words
Yes, you'll forget this little poem and soon forget the rhymes, and soon go back to other things and entertaining times. But don't forget these two short words...
A Gentle Flock
I wrote this based on my version of the holy spirit, his gift to us for following him.
The Reprised
In Sonnet form this poem relays the plan the evil one had and the power of the King.

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