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Animal Tales

Christian book: Bertie's Bike Ride
Choice of friends
Bertie's Bike Ride
In this Christian book Bertie gets a new bike and listens to some foolish advice. As a result things gets pretty messy.

Christian book: Blabs the Owl
Seeking wisdom
Blabs the Owl
Blabs, a young owl, doesn't want to learn. Her mother tries to teach her to read and write, but Blabs doesn't pay attention.

Christian book: Black Sheep
Giving thanks
Black Sheep
God makes everyone different. Sometimes he does this to help us. The little black sheep in this story learns that his difference is a blessing.

Christian book: Click the Clockwork Mouse
Fools scoff wisdom
Click the Clockwork Mouse
A mouse named Whiskers wants to have fun so much that he does not heed the advice of his friend Sniff.

Christian book: Dirke the Dragon
Love your enemies
Dirke the Dragon
In this story we see how it is a benefit for us to be good to those who curse us. See how Dirk the Dragon comes to be a good dragon after all!

Christian book: Faithful Frankie
Faithful Frankie
Frankie the horse was a good horse and did what was needed even though he didn't have to.

Christian book: Fishing Fright
Fishing Fright
Sneaky Stoat and Wylie Weasel were two friends who only cared about themselves. Their story shows how the wicked bring on their own destruction.