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Christian Poems

Here you will find poems about God, faith and many other topics dear to Christians. You can submit your own original poetry by joining. Click here, it's free. All poems are automatically entered into our monthly contest.

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Latest Poems

Psalm 27
A modernized poetic rendition of Psalm 27, one of my favorite psalms.
Jesus the Heavenly Bread
Inspired by John 6: 25 - 59
The Judge is standing at the door
Inspired by Matthew 24-25; where Jesus talks about the signs of the end, and the coming judgment, and readiness and stewardship.
I Thank You, Lord
Appreciation for God's love and Grace
Though Painful
Look to God
How often?
As I was writing this poem, I felt convicted, and I realized how much all of us fall short of Christ-like love for our neighbor. It also inspired me to try and do better in my Christian walk from now on. Thank you, God, for Jesus our righteousness!
God's Love For Us
God's perfect love for us
How Nicodemus came to Jesus
Inspired by John 3 : 1-21
I'm Free
Freed from sin because of the work of the King

Top Poem Picks

Child by Faith
The love of God that brings us into His family and makes us His children
Poet's Word finalist in poetry contest
Carefully chosen rhyming words and chosen text provoke thought, especially when about the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.
A Winning Poem finalist in poetry contest
Read this to see if you have a winning poem...
It Is Our Mess
A simple poem on the need for confession and repentance. Confession of sin is the only way for erring Christians to be restored to a close walk with God.
If You Should Come Today
Inspirational Poem
The Lost Cause second in poetry contest
The story of the woman at the well
Psalm 107 finalist in poetry contest
I finished writing my poem, Psalm 106, nearly 4 months ago. And in that span of time, I didn't write a thing . . . until around Easter. I really liked the repetition I found in Psalm 107: the falling away of God's people and returning again once more.
Dialogues first in poetry contest
This is a quick overview of some of the dialogues between Jesus and other characters in the Easter story.
Sadder Day Saturday
Friday, Saturday, and the Next Day