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Christian Poems

Here you will find poems about God, faith and many other topics dear to Christians. You can submit your own original poetry by joining. Click here, it's free. All poems are automatically entered into our monthly contest.

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Latest Poems

Where Hope is Found
When hope is looked for in what we can achieve it will always leave us lost and disappointed. However when we rest in his amazing grace, realizing our real life is hidden in Christ, we will find the joy of real and enduring hope!
The Armor of God
There are unseen battles in our midst - spiritual battles This prayer speaks of the "Armor of God" that we should wear to protect ourselves from spiritual warfare.
The Race
This prayer is a petition to God asking for His guidance to "run the race" through life's journey - to run the race and outrun sin so that we may win the lasting crown.
Help My Soul Repent
Our Father cares about each of us and our salvation. At times, He sends others to lovingly guide us to a pathway of repentance.
When a grudge invades your heart, release it to the Lord. Don't let it take hold of you and have its way. A grudge has a way of festering - It is better to forgive and be free from its grip.
Every Good and Perfect Gift
The Lord is the giver of good and perfect gifts, and every gift made is given with love.
The Lord's Creation
This prayer declares the Glory of God and the splendor of His Creation.
Have you ever stopped to really look at Creation and appreciate the gifts that God has bestowed upon us? There is such beauty surrounding us - all treasures from our loving and generous God who was, is, and ever shall He be.
This prayer shows how God is our refuge and that we should not fear - He is our strength and shelter in the midst of trouble - He can calm the storms that rage in our inner being and around us

Top Poem Picks

Time finalist in poetry contest
Time can be a friend or foe, but there is a friend that we never have to worry about betrayal.
"Hearts Of Clay" finalist in poetry contest
This is a poem that I consider a message poem, it is meant to be Inspirational to raising children.
Christmas Inventory finalist in poetry contest
When the festivities fade, what remains?
This poem is about what may have been going through Mary's thoughts at the birth of Jesus, when the wise men came to Bethlehem. The verse is in iambic pentameter. SDG
The Makings of a Song first in poetry contest
This poem is, to some degree, about music. But the deeper rhythm of the poem is really about the movement of the Holy Spirit as he convicts and draws people to Christ. It draws a comparison to the movement of music within a song.
Glory To The Son finalist in poetry contest
A poem in short verse that glorifies the work of the Son.
"The Christmas Poem" finalist in poetry contest
This is my take of the classic Christmas Event that is known worldwide.
Tommy's Christmas Prayer finalist in poetry contest
A young man's request for a special Christmas present.
The Messiah Convention finalist in poetry contest
I wonder how often my views will turn out as only partially true. Glad for God's mercy and truth eventually made clear. This poem explores the differing views held around the promised Messiah's arrival. Written in limerick form.