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Animal Tales

Christian book: Mickey the Black Cat
Keeping a good heart
Mickey the Black Cat
In this story a cat named Mickey helps to keep a small problem from becoming a big problem.

Christian book: Mindy
The cleansing blood of Jesus
In this little story a doggy named Mindy gets herself into trouble. See how Mindy learns of the love and forgiveness of Jesus through her experience.

Christian book: Nasty Nigel
Nasty Nigel
God watches out for those who do good. Nasty Nigel gets himself into a load of trouble with his wickedness!

Christian book: Noah and the Open Door
Escape coming judgement
Noah and the Open Door
A cute rhyme about Noah and the Ark that gives the plan of salvation.

Christian book: Patricia Partridge
Patricia Partridge
Patricia Partridge thinks she is quite something. Little does she know what her future holds! See how Patricia learns the hard way about being humbled!

Christian book: Perky the Parrot
The power of words
Perky the Parrot
God works in ways we can't imagine. He can even use "parroted" words!

Christian book: Pete the Polar Bear
Overcoming fear
Pete the Polar Bear
Pete the Polar Bear is still a young bear, and needs to learn to swim. But his fears prevent him from trying.