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Animal Tales

Christian book: Prickly Percival
Being a friend
Prickly Percival
Prickly Percival is a porcupine who had trouble making friends with the rabbits. They didn't like his "spikes." But God makes each of us with different purposes. See how Percival responds when one of the rabbits finds himself in a dangerous situation!

Christian book: Sam the Sausage Dog
Love your enemies
Sam the Sausage Dog
Sam's parents have been teaching him all along to love his enemies. Sam has found the most curious way to do this. Read more to find out how!

Christian book: The Blackbirds
God's provision
The Blackbirds
God takes care of his creation. In this story you will see how He cares for even the smallest of His works.

Christian book: The Castle Cats
God is our refuge
The Castle Cats
God can be trusted. He provides for the path before us! See how this mother cat and her kittens experience the faithfulness of God in looking for their new home!

Christian book: The Doubtful Duckling
The Doubtful Duckling
Doubtful duckling learns the hard way that God will fulfill His plan for us. Read more to find out how!

Christian book: The Grubbly Race
Trying hard
The Grubbly Race
See how one Grubbly is challenged to rise above her fears and learn that it is God we make our efforts for, not people.

Christian book: The Scarecrow
Answered Prayer
The Scarecrow
The Scarecrow was sad because he could not do the things he saw the animals around him doing. He wanted legs. On day an owl suggested he trust God for legs. His prayer was answered in a way he didn't expect at a time he didn't expect.