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Little Books For Little Kids Series

Christian book: Amazing Spiders
Creation Science
Amazing Spiders
There are some 30,000 known species of spider, and every one of them was designed and created by the Living God.This book gives credit to the rightful owner and originator of all spiders.

Christian book: God Made Bees
Creation Science
God Made Bees
God made bees...and bees need flowers and flowers need soil... This book shows children how God's creation is a world of interdependent parts.

Christian book: Hey Turkey
Creation Science
Hey Turkey
'Little books for little kids' presents the story of the Australian brush turkey. This remarkable bird shows the wisdom of God and also provides evidence for an intelligent Creator.

Christian book: Lickity Lizard
Creation Science
Lickity Lizard
The wall lizard and the Mediterranean gull have a mutual benefit relationship. This provides strong evidence for Creation.

Christian book: Smartypants Ants
Creation Science
Smartypants Ants
How do you teach little kids about the way all living things depend on each other for survival? The integrated nature of all Nature is one of the strongest evidences for creationThis little book starts kids in the right direction.

Christian book: This is Earth
Creation Science
This is Earth
Earth is the best place for people to live because God made it. This book helps to reinforce Creationism.

Christian book: Watch Out For That Crab
Creation Science
Watch Out For That Crab
God has designed many plants and animals which live together for mutual benefit. This goes against general evolutionary theory, but supports Creation.This book illustrates how an Indian ocean crab and an anemone work together for a shared blessing