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Bible Stories

Christian book: Man From Space
Man From Space
This is a validation of the ministry of Jesus.

Christian book: Noah's Ark
The Arc and Salvation
Noah's Ark
Jesus is the Ark.If we trust in Jesus, and shelter in Him, we escape the sure judgement of God.We are sinners, and we need to be saved from God's anger against our sin.

Christian book: Once Upon a Hill
Sermon on the mount
Once Upon a Hill
Read an excellent paraphrase of the Sermon on the Mount.

Christian book: Samson
Samson was a great physical superman with many great victories, but sadly, morally, he was a weakling.

Christian book: Saul of Tarsus
Acts 7 and 9
Saul of Tarsus
Our God had surely done great things! In this story, God changed Saul completely inside out and upside down, to a faithful servant of God from a person persecuting Christians.

Christian book: The Gospel of John
The Gospel of John
This is a study of the Book of John with color, interesting illustrations that will help kids to understand and enjoy studying about the life and times of Jesus as described in the Gospel of John.

Christian book: The Loving Shepherd
The parable of the Lost Sheep
The Loving Shepherd
Otherwise known as the parable of the Lost Sheep, this book presents the story told by Jesus with an emphasis on the work of the Shepherd.