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Crazy Comics

Christian book: The Bee
The Bee
A busy bee looking for pollen happens to find himself in a car where there's a boy with a deadly allergy to bees. But his dad saves the day by grabbing up the bee so it cannot get to his son. He gets stung, but the boy is so thankful. There is a parallel, here, about God's love.

Christian book: The Blame Game
The Blame Game
Nobody likes to take responsibility for the bad things that happen as a result of their choices. It's much easier to blame someone else. After all, blaming ourselves means we might have to change. This story talks all about "The Blame Game."

Christian book: The Five Tests
The Five Tests
This story is about a boy who wants to do more for christ, but first he must pass five test, but what are, and will he pass them?

Christian book: The God Seed
Parable of the Sower
The God Seed
Here's a story of a farmer who illustrates and explains to his son the parable of the sower and the seed.

Christian book: The Man Who Lost Everything
Gain the world but loss your soul
The Man Who Lost Everything
A man who owned the entire universe... I mean EVERYTHING the whole package, but there was one thing he didn't have eternal life.You see without Jesus' free gift of eternal life we own nothing it is all earthly treasures, completely worthless. But if we commit our lives to god we will live forever in heaven with everything we will every need if we merely except god free gift of eternal life.

Christian book: The Royal Visitor
Revelation 3:20
The Royal Visitor
A young prince decides to visit his people. In route he is shipwrecked. Seeking shelter, he knocks on a door, announcing that he is the prince of the land. The owner, turns him away, without even opening the door. The owner of the second home recognizes the prince's voice and immediately opens his door to him.

Christian book: The Snail Who Asked
The Snail Who Asked
This story is about a snail who prayed to Jesus to go faster and god aloud him to go faster event if it was in a way that he didn't expect.