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Cartoon Strips for Christ

Christian book: Fresh Milk
Fresh Milk
The grandkids came to the country and were so excited to see the farm animals. When they saw the newborn lamb drinking his milk with so much vigor they got really excited and ran inside to tell their grandparents. Grandpa uses this time to give a lesson about the verse that talks about new Christians hungering for the pure milk of the word.

Christian book: Full Payment
Full Payment
The little girl in this story wants a teddy bear that is VERY expensive. She has some money and is will willing to work hard to get the rest, but she soon learns that no matter how hard she tries, it will be impossible to earn enough to get what she wants. Salvation is like this, we cannot earn it, but Jesus paid what was required so we might get what we hope for.

Christian book: God's WOF
God's WOF
Just as cars get a "warrant of fitness" so we should get a "WOF," from God. We should know that we are "ride worthy."

Christian book: Grave Matters
Grave Matters
When a father and his daughter go to the cemetery to visit someone they loved that passed, an excellent conversation comes up about all the religious leaders who have died and are still in their graves, but not Jesus. Jesus died and ROSE from the DEAD!

Christian book: Great Love
Great Love
Before we come to Christ, we are enemies to God, but He loves us anyway. This is a story about a guy who once was lost and then gets saved and shows the love of God to others.

Christian book: Grouchy Jim
Grouchy Jim
Grouchy Jim thinks he doesn't need anything or anyone, he can take care of himself. But one day Jim gets very sick, the doctor says he will not recover, death is near. Because of the love of his neighbors, Jim begins to reconsider what he thinks about God.

Christian book: Growing Trees
Growing Trees
One day a new kid shows up in Sunday School. One of the boys, who has been a Christian for 5 years thinks the new kid is dumb. But the new kid only just became a Christian. This story is a lesson on being gracious, on not being judgmental. It includes a great illustration to help bring the point home.