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Cartoon Strips for Christ

Christian book: The Fly That Didn't Flee
The Fly That Didn't Flee
This little fly underestimates the value of his parent's instruction. It all seems to go well, until he gets all caught up! The Bible says we should flee our childishness. Hopefully, we don't need to learn the hard way like the little fly.

Christian book: The Itch
The Itch
Tam and such a fun day with her friend, she wants to tell her mother all about it. Her mom uses this opportunity to tell Tam that God loves to hear from her, too. God will still love us even if we don't pray much, we can be having a much better time with God as we tell Him all about everything.

Christian book: The Lunch
The Lunch
Bob liked to bring his lunch with him to work everyday. One day, as he open his lunch box, expecting to have a nice lunch, he discovered his sandwiches were gone! He prayed and for the next few days he waited to see what God will reveal.

Christian book: The Naughty Dog
The Naughty Dog
The doggie saw the presents, he got close to them and before he knew it he had chewed all of them open! He knew he was bad, he ran away. We, likewise, know when we have done wrong, too. How will we conduct our relationship with God?

Christian book: The Only One
The Only One
This young guy feels he is all alone as a Christian in his school. But his dad has some great things to say to him to encourage him in doing good.

Christian book: The Right Seat
The Right Seat
Tom goes to the movies and thinks, when the lights are off, that no one will ever see him when he does things he shouldn't. But the Bible says that God sees everything. Wait and see how Tom got caught, its a good one!

Christian book: The Spark
The Spark
Out in the rain and cold, these guys pray, and the Lord gives shelter. They pray about all the things they need and find that God is faithful.