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The Christian Bit At The End

Christian book: Dreams
this story is about all the thing you can be in your life,but whatever you do you must do it with a thankful heart towards god because without him we wouldn't be here at all.

Christian book: Franklin's Bath
Franklin's Bath
Franklin is a boy who is always running from his bath, but can never quite escape it. Just as no sinner can escape judgment day, unless they believe that Jesus died for them and took the full wrath of their sin.

Christian book: Go Granny
eternal life
Go Granny
This story tells about old age and how some day it will happen to every unless you receive the free gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ our lord.

Christian book: Hohepa's Boat
Hohepa's Boat
This story talks about how God answers prayers saying yes,no,or wait,but he always answers.Like in this story god answered immediately and another time that person had to wait

Christian book: Legs Like A Flea
God formed you as your are
Legs Like A Flea
Legs Like A Flea is how every person in the world is different from one another, no two persons are exactly alike each person is special in his or her own way.

Christian book: Little Bear and the Flueasles
day of judgement
Little Bear and the Flueasles
Many people try to dodge judgement day as they run from God, but God will bring us to our judgement one day, or another. The only way to stop this from happening is to believe that Jesus Christ died for us when should of died, and accept Jesus as our savior,

Christian book: Norman Goes Tramping
material things don't go to heaven
Norman Goes Tramping
Norman is a little boy about to go tramping,but what he dosn't know is rather than tramping he's about to learn a very important lesson.