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The Christian Bit At The End

Christian book: Sid the Bird
Avoid Sin
Sid the Bird
Sid likes magic, but the bible speaks against spells and such. One day, he accidentally turns himself into a bird. His life is so changed, and now he wishes he had not played with spells. The bible is there to help us and we should heed it's advice. Some things look fun, but in the end they cause us grief.

Christian book: Sneezy Hector
use your God-given talents
Sneezy Hector
Hector had HUGE sneezes! His mother would threaten him if he would even think about sneezing. It was a bad sneeze! But who knows what good can come from the things that others think badly about us for? God makes all of us unique, and with a purpose! Lets think about God's purpose when we think about our differences!

Christian book: Sylvester Sloth
Sylvester Sloth
Sylvester the sloth was so tired when his mother woke him fore school that he couldn't stop falling back asleep. But his mother sees that he is a sloth, so she should expect this from him and loves him anyway. Humans are like this, we are born a little slothful, but the bible tells us to fight against this part of us so that we might prosper!

Christian book: Tall Tom
strengths and weaknesses
Tall Tom
Tom was so tall that all the other kids made fun of him. He was not happy to be so tall, until one day when his tallness saved a life. Now Tom was happy, and all the people with him. We can be happy for our differences, God gave each of us good things we can use, even if in the beginning we don't understand.

Christian book: The Amazing Flynn
The Amazing Flynn
Errol Flynn was a boy who had wild stories to tell. Of course, they were not true, but it is fun to imagine! The bible, though, is all true, through and through, no fanciful stories there!

Christian book: The Mermaid
The Mermaid
The mermaid is so sad, she misses her merman! But one guy offers to help, so he swims for 40 days to get the merman and whale, he has all these crazy things to help him with the whale and he actually knows how to understand the whale! Of course, it can't be true, there are lots of stories in the world that are made up, but the bible is not one of them. We can trust it to be completely true!

Christian book: The Queen and the Fly
The Queen and the Fly
The queen is offered by a little fly, and he is so quick it's hard to punish him. The fly is so determined and in the end gets the reward. Determination is a something that helps us get what we want. Without it we would suffer and be left out!