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Amazing Stories - Lucky

We came to some roadside stalls and stopped to look. It was mostly junk, stuff people usually stick in garage sales, plus some tables with cheap, handmade things on them, like jerseys, or shell ornaments. Since we had no money, there didn't seem to be much point in staying, but we did anyway.

"Hey, look at this!" said Jimmy.

He was standing in front of a display of good luck charms.

"Come off it!" I laughed. "They wouldn't work for you!"

I glanced at the man behind the table. He was old, and bearded, with a big belly. Most of his face was hidden under a wide-brimmed hat, and he had circular sunglasses on, like a hippie from the 60's.

"Why not?" asked the man.

"You don't know me!" said Jimmy. "I'm the pits when it comes to luck!"

"Luck can change," said the man. "Don't be so negative."

"Not my luck!" laughed Jimmy.

The man tilted his head back and smiled at the boy. Most of his teeth were missing.

"I'll tell you what," he said, "if I give you a lucky charm, free, and it doesn't work, you can bring it back to me next week, but if it works, you pay me for it?"

"Free?" said Jimmy.

"Absolutely free!" said the man. "No deposit, nothing. Just bring it back if you aren't satisfied and we'll call it quits. I'm going to trust you, OK?"

"What if it works?" said Jimmy. "How much will it cost?"

"I don't know," said the man. "I like to barter things ... what does your father do?"

"He runs the fish 'n chip shop," said Jimmy, pointing in the general direction, "up there, on the corner."

"It will cost one fish then," said the man. "I happen to like fish. Have we got a deal?"

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