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Five Things God Wants You to Know

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Five Things God Wants You to Know

tags: gospel

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short name: Five Things God Wants You to Know
nutshell: Gospel

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Wording of this Handout:

God created this world because of His great love for us.
But Adam and Eve, the first humans, disobeyed God, (sin) and as a result
death came into the world.

1. You need to be saved. As soon as you break even one of God's laws ( in the Bible) you become a sinner. The Bible says that all people are sinners, and all are heading for destruction.

2. You cannot save yourself. The Bible says that even your very best efforts such as going to church, doing good things, being kind, helpful and generous none of these things is enough to open the door for you into heaven.

3. Jesus has made the only way for us to be saved. Jesus the son of God came to earth and gave his life for all sinners. Jesus never sinned, (so he did not deserve to die).but he died for us ( who did deserve to die.) Jesus has opened the door into heaven for us.

4. To be saved, you must accept Jesus as the one who died for you. That means you must put Jesus at the centre of your life. Jesus will not let you go into heaven unless you believe that He died for you.

5. You must love Him and obey Him. For most people this means big changes in their life. God will help you to understand what changes He wants, as you get to know Him better.

Jesus said
That all who follow him will have a better life. Jesus can give you courage, peace, happiness and hope. Jesus can fill your life with love and joy, kindness and friendship. He can help you with any problem - large of small. He can protect you from harm and show you how to avoid trouble. Jesus said that he came to give life - abundant life!
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