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Funny puzzle

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Funny puzzle

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short name: Funny puzzle
nutshell: Funny puzzle

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Wording of this Handout:

Once there was a very large woman who was tired of seeing such big numbers when she stood on the scales, so one day she took her scales for a walk to town, and found a very tall building. Five minutes later, when she stood on the scales, she saw that she was now very light.
How did she manage this?

She didnit adjust the scales.
The scales were in perfect working order.
She was honest.
She didn't loose any weight.
She had all the Same clothes and ornaments on .

Answer to funny puzzle
First she went up to the top of the building in the elevator, then she pressed "Ground" and went back to the bottom. As the lift descended, her apparent weight went down, so she stood on the scales and smiled.
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