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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Heraldry

tags: heraldry

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short name: Heraldry
nutshell: Heraldry

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Wording of this Handout:

Crests are another way of showing which family or group we belong to While families don't use them so much lots of companies and clubs do. Modern examples of crests are found on rugby Jerseys, car bonnets, company letterheads, and army equipment.

For thousands of years people have been putting crests on shields in wars to identify themselves, as a results crests are usually in the shape of a shield.

Sometimes the crests represented their country, on other occasions it represented their families.

Most people used animals (especially lions) and other symbols to illustrate their crests.

Can you design a crest for you family?

If you are a Christian, how about doing a shield to show your heavenly family connection.
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