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151 - Dinosaurs and men

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 151 - Dinosaurs and men

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short name: 151 - Dinosaurs and men

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Wording of this Handout:

The theory of evolution says that dinosaurs came first then died out, then after 40 million years, humans appeared. The Bible says that dinosaurs and humans were both created on day six.

But even if the Bible did not say this (see Genesis and Job 40,41) there still would be plenty of evidence to show that humans and dinosaurs have lived together for many hundreds of years.

For example there is an account by a Roman of a huge creature which, by its description was probably a dinosaur. In America near the Grand Canyon, there are drawings of dinosaurs on 'scred' stones, and there are stories from India and Africa of huge 'dragons', animals of great size and strength.

The Chinese dragon, the St. George dragon, and many other 'dragons' from around the world depict dinosaurs, and there is a description of a dinosaur once seen in England, but what is more remarkable was the discovery in the late 1990's of red blood cells in some fossil dinosaur bones. No blood cell could ever survive even one million years - let alone 40.

Yes, there is not doubt about it. Whatever the Bible says is true - even if every scientist in the world says other wise.
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