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155 - The light in the window

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 155 - The light in the window

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short name: 155 - The light in the window

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Wording of this Handout:

THe light in the window.

There is a story. (I don't low if its true of not), of a mother and father who raised their daughter in Christian ways, and then when she was ready to leave home and make her own way in the world, they said to her: "We have done our best to raise you the right way, but now you have to make all the choices. We, of course, want you to stay close to Jesus, because we know that is the best life, but if you go astray, and follow the ways of the world, know this - there will always be a light in our window for you."

The girl hugged her parents and went to live in the city, and for a while she was strong, but after many years, the unsaved boys, the world girls, the music, and attractions of the city, and the company she kept drained away her Christianity, and she sank lower and lower until on day she found herself on the streets as a prostitute.

She suddenly realized what she had done and turning homewards with tears in her eyes she wondered if her parent could ever forgive her. She stumbled up the hill towards the house a night, and there, in the window was a light burning. Yes, her parents loved her just the same as ever.

God is like those parents. He never turns away from us, no matter how much we may sin. HIs Fatherly judgement will be exercised, but he never stops loving.

Will they forgive me? Will they still love me? -After all I've done...?

The Bible says "Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life," Jude 1:21 (King James Version)
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