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323 - What did they see?

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 323 - What did they see?

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short name: 323 - What did they see?

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Wording of this Handout:

What did they see?

If Jesus had been in a faint, and not actually dead (as some critics say) when he was placed in the tomb, he would have had a very difficult time staying alive, because he was so well wrapped he could have suffocated! Even a healthy man would have difficulty if he was smeared with pungent herbs and wound tightly with cloth, then placed in a cold, rock cave for the night.

On the other hand, lets suppose that Jesus survived the horrific ordeal of crucifixion, and still had enough strength to break, out of his grave clothes and they single-handedly shifted the massive stone, and also escape the guards who were posted at the door... what do you think someone would have seen if they had looked into the tomb?

I should think they would have seen strips of grave cloth twisted and crumpled all over the floor, and spices scattered about. But what did the disciples see when they ran to the tomb early in the morning?

They saw the grave clothes still in place, still wound neatly round and round, but without a body in them. Now even the greatest escapologist could never get out of a cocoon of cloth without unwinding it! So, logically, Jesus must have risen right though the cloth, and out of the rock tomb without andy problem.

He's been whipped, starved, crucified, stabbed, and buried... so why are the Jew still so scared of him!?!

The Bible says: " Then came...Simon Peter... and went in... to the (tomb)....and saw the linen clothes lying. And the napkin, that was about Jesus' head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself." John 20:6 (King James version slightly changed)
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