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Crazy page 07

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Crazy page 07

tags: silly, crazy page, humor, fun page, activity sheet, jokes

handout id: 3961
short name: Crazy page 07
nutshell: Fun handout sheet with silly jokes

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Wording of this Handout:

What is the opposite of Woe?

A saw that lives in the ocean is called a seesaw!

If you sold ice cream for 5 cent each, what would you get?
Lots of Friends!

What do you call an newborn beetle?
A baby buggy!

Why do elephants were sun glasses?
You would wear them too if you had so many terrible jokes told about you!

What day of the year is best for walking
March 4th

Giraffes have the highest intelligence

Hair spray is good for painting rabbits too!

How do you stop elephants from slipping through picket fences?
Tie knots in their tails!

What is a monster's eyesight rated as?

What is black and white and red all over?
A newspaper
A sunburnt penguin
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