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Audience Dissapear

Sunday School Handout:

tags: humor, jokes, igloo, kiwi

handout id: 4005
short name:Audience Dissapear
nutshell:Joke page.

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Wording of this Handout:

"Oops! I made the audience disappear!"

Amazing Facts: A box cannot look round! "Yes, it can!"

A door cannot be ajar! "Huh?"

Modern art is always modern, even when it isn't!

"Shoe! Shoe! Run away!"

"I hear you're a big wheel in these parts."

"Mum, I've finally finished tidying my room!"

Food movies: Dennis the Mince, Phantom of the Onion, Potatoco P, The Seven Savaloys. Goodbye Mr. Chippies.

Why is chocolate, but never early?

"Excuse me, but is this your speech bubble?"

I know that you know that I know you know...

"Madam, this electric heater will melt your husband's heart."

Baby, baby-sitter, sitter-sitter-sitter, etc.

"Where the bone is...only the dog's nose knows."

Calendar to calendar: "Can I take you out for a date?" "I've been waiting all year for you to say that!"

A walking stick.

"I'll give you a lace."

I hate violence...and I'll box you in the nose if you disagree with me!!

A kiwi. A lockwi.

"Who says I'm too big for my boots?"

"I've had the chocolate, now you can have the peanuts." "Yuk!" "Nuts!" "Complete nuts!"

"Oh, no! I can see you reading this joke page!"
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