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A Mighty Mag Publication By Richard Gunther

What is a cult?

In a Paddock full of goats... you could spot a sheep, if you knew what they looked like. In a world where the true church can be found, there are cults - but they outnumber the one church in the same way that the goats outnumber the sheep.

A cult is a group of people who all believe much the same things.

We Believe

The church - that is, the people who believe that Jesus is savior and Lord alone... is not a cult.

One True Church

A cult is make of people who don't believe what Bible - based Christians believe. Like sheep and goats, cults and Christians can look the same. It's what they believe that matters.


Here's how you can know if you belong to a cult or to the true church:

What Do You Believe?

1. Jesus is the son of God
2. Jesus is the only savior of the world.
3. Jesus died for you, a sinner.
4. The Bible is the very word or God, perfect and pure.
5. Jesus is equal with God in every way.
6. Jesus, the son of God, will soon return to Earth, to judge the whole world.
7. Jesus will judge all the dead, and send people to either Heaven or Hell.

There are many other things which Christians believe, but these should be enough to give you an idea of where you stand.

Jesus said there are two ways people can go in life - the wide way, or the narrow way.

He said many go the wide way, but it ends in Hell. He said only a few go the narrow way, but it ends in Heaven.


The True Church

People in cults often think the are ok with God, so they go on, to Hell, feeling confident.

If you aren't trusting in Jesus alone for you salvation, you are still lost. You are in the same condition as all the cults.

you can change all that right now!
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