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Sunday School Activity Sheet: GAAAAHHHHH!!!

tags: bird, fly, flying, flight, wing, feather, challenge, challenging, game, riddle

handout id: 4066
short name: GAAAAHHHHH!!!

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Wording of this Handout:


What gives our feathered friends a fright? To find out, write the extra letter in each sentence in the box, then read the answer down.

1. Spiderss spin spidery spirals
2. Creepy ccrabs come clattering clumsily
3. Agitaated ants amble amiably
4. Rough and rugged rrats run erratically
5. Excited emus eageerly escape
6. Crazy ccamels come quickly in cars
7. Rolling rhinoceros ramble rollick
8. Ocean-going octoopus flop and clop
9. Wet wallabies wwoble and walk widely

Answer: S CA R E C R O W
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