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Wally Strip - 9

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Wally Strip - 9

tags: wally, dog, imagination, imagine, cartoon, fish, fish and chips, Wally and chips, cruncher, wally strip 9

handout id: 4077
short name: Wally Strip - 9
nutshell: Wally daydreams that the fish and chips want to eat him.

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Wording of this Handout:

Wally Strip 9

Wally and Cruncher

Wally: "If there's one meal I really enjoy-it's fish and chips!

Cruncher: "I prefer bones."

Wally: "Although...sometimes I feel sorry for the fish..."

Cruncher: "Uh oh, dream time!"

Fish: "There he is!"

Other fish: "Yeah!"

Big fish comes out.

Wally: "Who are you?"

Fish: "I'm the fish you were about to eat! And these are some of my relatives!"

One of the relatives: "And now we've decided to have Wally and chips!"

Wally: "I think I'll go now!"

Cruncher: "Me too!"

The fish: "Wally and chips, Wally and chips, Wally and chips!"

Wally: "Quick, hide in here!"

Cruncher: "Woof! I'm with you, Wal!"

Wally: "Have they gone?"

Cruncher: "Have a look!"

Potatoes: "And we're the potatoes you were about to eat!"

Cruncher: "Wake up, Wal!"


Wally: "If there's one meal I really enjoy-it's bones!"

Cruncher: "Atta boy, Wal!"
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