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Wally Strip - 3

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Wally Strip - 3

tags: wally, dog, robot, imagination, imagine, cartoonWally strip 3

handout id: 4081
short name: Wally Strip - 3
nutshell: Wally daydreams of a dish washing robot.

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Wording of this Handout:

Wally Strip 3

Wally's mum: "Wally!"

Wally: "Yes, mum, I know...dishes time."

Cruncher: "Poor Wally, I think he needs a day dream."


Wally: "Ah-just what I need-a robot!"

Robot: "I am here to serve job too big or small! -Beep-

Wally: "Ok, for a start you can wash these dishes!"

Robot: "Right away! -Beep- First I wash them with my super stream!!

Wally: "Help! Gulp!"

Robot: "Then I dry them with my super wind."

Wally: "Ahhh!"

Robot: "And now I put all the dishes away."

Cruncher: "Wake up, Wally."

Robot: "Now what do you want me to do? -Beep-"

Wally: "I want you to self destruct!"



Wally: "I'd better get these dishes done!"

Cruncher: "Atta boy, Wal!"
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