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Crazy page 05

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Crazy page 05

tags: crazy page, humor, fun page, activity sheet, jokes, silly, crazy page 5

handout id: 4091
short name: Crazy page 05
nutshell: Lots of jokes.

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Wording of this Handout:

"How many balls of string do you need to reach the moon?" "One, if it's big enough!"

"What's another name for a lion in the desert?" "Sandy Claws!"

One elevator says to the other: "I think I'm coming down with something."

"Hello, I want to make a Persian to Persian call to Iraq..."

The traffic signal says: "I hate having to change in front of all these people."

The acorn says: "I am a forget me nut."

"What is always coming, but never arrives?" "Tomorrow!"

Man says to the two headed monster: "Hello, hello!"

"How do ocean liners sink?" "Once!"

A minister can marry lots of women, and still stay single?

A circle has two sides. The inside and the outside!

Is the bottle half empty or half full?

"How long is a Chinese man?"

"We all need arms because they keep our hands on!"
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