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MMag 130 Word puzzle

Sunday School Activity Sheet: MMag 130 Word puzzle

tags: word, puzzle, word puzzle, word challenge, similar, similarity, challenging

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short name: MMag 130 Word puzzle

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Wording of this Handout:

Match the words that sound the same

Poor... GORILLA.....

pane roam
hale sight
Rome soar
site flower
stair rode
role hour
steal hail
sore roar
raw stare
toad steel
our towed
flour loan
sent scent
lone pain
road roll

The besets way to bare a horse - (I won't of course) is sit down and teach is Norse.

Norse VOL 20

It is very hard to whistle
While you eat a thistle

Answers: pane-pain, hale-hail, Rome-roam, site-sight, stair-stare, role-roll, steal-steel, sore-soar, raw-roar, toad-towed, our-hour, flour-flower, sent-scent, lone-loan, road-rode.
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