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Wally Strip - 6

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Wally Strip - 6

tags: wally, dog, brain, imagination, imagine, cartoon

handout id: 4168
short name: Wally Strip - 6
nutshell: Wally day dreams that he becomes super-brainy.

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Wording of this Handout:



"That's what I need-brains!"

"No problem to me!"

"I wonder what it's like to be super-brainy?"

"Wally's day dreaming again."



"Wow, now I can think clearly!!"

Ding, dong!

"Someone's at the door..."

"Packages for you!"


"Oh, no, it's a load of homework!"

Weird science, horrible maths, grungy geography, yucky sums, nasty english.

Note attached.

Pathetic poetry, revolting algebra, furious physics.

Dear Wally, Because you are now so brainy, you will be doing 1,000 hours of extra homework every week! Signed Principal Grumbleweed.


"Wake up, Wally."


"Phew! I'm not super brainy anymore!!"

"You'll still get plenty of homework, Wally!"
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